Capacity Planning


Capacity planning has turned into a basic part of virtual arrangements where sharing basic equipment assets (and the conflict that unavoidably emerges between them) is inherent by configuration. It requires united perspectives over the bunch of IT storehouses of the virtual framework, where utilization and waste can be comprehended in the connection of this present reality business procedures and applications. In simple words, capacity planning can be characterized as procedure of guaranteeing that the IT foundation can support agreed-upon or target service levels in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We at SAYHAN, help you with the task of adjusting supply (CPU, memory, storage, I/O) with demand (applications/SLAs). At its least complex level, scope organization can be considered as the undertaking of adjusting supply (CPU, memory, stockpiling, I/O) with interest (applications/SLAs). It appears like straightforward financial aspects, however the virtual environment brings new turns to customary capacity planning practices.

Solution Offering

    • Distinguish execution issues. Execution can be influenced in various ways, including CPU, memory, and storage I/O conflict. To comprehend these bottlenecks, we help enterprises track several metrics across clusters, hosts, VMs and data stores.
    • Forecast when assets will run out in view of historical trending. We help you precisely anticipate the resource needs of an application using historical pattern information.
    • We can help you evaluate what number of more VMs can be added to the virtual base.
    • We can help you comprehend capacity capacity from both an application and workload point of view.
    • We can help you generate useful management reports whichgive you an insight about various metrics including KPIs such as VM growth, consolidation ratios, and uptime.

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