Project Management

Helping customers successfully oversee activities (of all sizes). This should be possible through our full-time onsite project manager, remote project management team or through our help desk.

Strong project management is basic to running fruitful undertakings or large scale projects (grouping of related activities). Enhanced project management on an undertaking is a typical proposal when individuals complete ventures. At SAYHAN, we can offer you assistance with getting the project management working adequately right from the earliest starting point.

Solution Offering

The following are the key services under that we under Project Management provide:

    • Dedicated program management – full-time line managers to manage your single project.
    • Dedicated project management – full-time project manager to manage your large projects or group of smaller projects.
    • Scalable project management – part-time on-shore consultants to manage projects that don’t require a full-time involvement.
    • Remote project management – SAYHAN’s offshore team working from our regional offices to deliver projects of any size. This service is suitable for virtual project teams(global).

SAYHAN Project Management Team

    • Broad PM involvement in different industry fragments and numerous application territories. Our project managers have worked up the positions so they altogether understand the PM processes.
    • SAYHAN PM Tools and Methodology is accessible for use on all undertakings. This includes categorized processes for status reporting, change management, risk management and quality management.
    • We employ extensive use of our KEDB(Knowledge Database) representing lessons we have learnt from hundreds of projects we’ve run over the past few years.

Business Value

    • Enhance accomplishment of projects with extraordinary early-cautioning, project control and monitoring.
    • Business value driven PM – guaranteeing all project related decisions lead to the business results you need to accomplish.
    • Reduce risk and cost through early detection of errors thereby giving you control over risk management.
    • Bringing business and technical consultants together to deliver projects that can be effortlessly put into operation within your organization.

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